Sunday, 29 April 2018

Introduction: FmF Canada

FmF Canada is Rob Litwin's revolutionary approach to men's mental health throughout Canada, as men continue to experience anxiety, stress, and depression throughout the nation. Rob began FmF Canada in a response to his own experience of dealing with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Rob found that the current system of mental and physical health care for men was lacking resources for men going through tough times. In spite of this, he began FmF Canada to function threefold as:

- A local community resource for men to voice their concerns.

- A social movement of empowering men to face their challenges.

- A fashion line to allow men to look good and feel good. Everyday.

Getting the line off the ground has been a lot of work, but extremely rewarding. Rob has noticed that by sharing his experience and facing his challenges head on, he has come out successful, instead of allowing his setbacks to bring him down. There has been overwhelming relief as he was able to pull through his bipolar symptoms during his last semester of engineering at Queen's University. As the current CEO of FmF Canada, Rob hopes that more men across the country can learn from his experience in perseverance and optimism in order to achieve their own goals in life. Rob hopes to act as a leader and agent of change for different healthcare systems, by improving supports for men who may experience challenges or barriers in accessing resources. He is hoping that through the "look good, feel good" mentality at FmF Canada, that men experiencing similar challenges that he faced are able to move past their challenges and start living life to the fullest. Stay tuned. -ℝob